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Emergency Backup Power

Emergency Backup Power – By Generac

Are you worried about having power go out in your home?

Do you pump your drainage or sanitary sewer?

Do you have a backup in place?

What do you do when the power goes out?  Get out candles, pull out a small generator and pump and pray you do not flood?

Stay home during the winter months and never go on holidays?

Our answer is WHY?


Perimeter Drainage works with our customers to provide automatic emergency power to their homes during power outages.  As these are

more common, more homes are now installing natural gas generators that will automatically switch to generated power when BC Hydro

has a power outage.

How it works, and you don’t have to be home!  The Automatic Transfer Switch System (ATSS) through a Microprocessor Control Panel

(MCP) will automatically switch your pump circuit and other important circuits (like your wine room!)  to a natural gas generator during

power outages. The generator controller unit (GCU) will start the generator automatically and supply power to your pumps indefinitely.

Once hydro power is restored, the unit will shut down and transfer back to hydro automatically. It’s that easy.  You do not need to be

home to start your own generator.  Everything is done automatically.  Its that simple.

This system can power up essential circuits like your pumps, furnace and freezer, with some lights, or install a system that will run

your entire house.  We install residential systems ranging from 6 to 20 kw, and can supply any Generac Generator.


Perimeter Drainage is proud to be an authorized Generac Dealer.  We stock Generac Guardian Generators and transfer switches from

8kw to 22kw.  We also carry a wide variety of parts for repairs and service.  Give us a call at 604-988-4545 to let us supply your project.

For 20 years, we have been in the business of keeping your house dry during heavy storm conditions and power outages.  Nobody does

it better than Perimeter Drainage.

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