As my audience is growing thru age and knowledge, dealing with pump stations and the issues surrounding designing, installing and maintaining a mechanical system that has so much importance in keeping clients possessions secure.  As the years continued, our installations changed to slowly reduce the weak points of a typical residential pump station installation.  Even though there are still lots of contractors living in the past and installing the status quo, we are increasing our market share by installing a premium product that doesn’t have a huge failure rate.

Gone are plastic check valves, they last a few years, and if your flow velocity is above 6 feet per second, these check valves blow apart.

Electrical plugs in a wet environment?  Who still does this?  Well, lots do and it’s a bit of a joke.  Within a year, you can have oxidation in the plug and have a high risk of an electrical short and when that happens, one pump is out of service.  Without a duplex panel, you would never know that you had an issue.

Duplex panels are as important as anything in your house.  Without one it would be like having a dishwasher with no hot water.  Having run times tracked on your pumps and cycle times on your floats, these criteria makes it much easier to decide when these items require replacement.  Before we went on age only, now we can see how much they run.

Using clear schedule 40 PVC between our cast iron check valve and union allows to see how much suspended solids are being pumped.  We are excited to see the long term value to the addition of our premium pump installations.

Power outages can now be a thing of the past with installing either a home standby gas generator or with the development of nickel cadmium batteries, a more economical battery backup system that can run your existing pumps for up to 8 hrs.

A new proprietary Flow Monitoring and Panel Link Software designed by Perimeter Drainage Ltd attaches to an SJE Rhombus panel and allows for actual flows being pumped out.  This can be valuable for change in ground water flows and compare actual to designed flows.  If pumps were designed to pump one volume but twice as much flow occurs, it gives data to properly size pumps.

The last item that has been a huge issue in drainage pump systems is float tangling.  When floats rotate, they tangle.  When they tangle, it changes the operation of the duplex panel.  Multiple times call outs are from false high level alarms.  Perimeter Drainage Ltd has now designed a Patent Pending Float Anti Rotation and Movement Device or FAMRDTM Bar.  This device is installed just above the highest float weight and connects all floats together.  Customers can now feel that when a high-level alarm goes off, it is a high-water level and not a false alarm.  These devices are available for purchase directly from Perimeter Drainage Ltd.

Developing new technologies and design ideas that put our clients at ease is what we do.  Changing the industry is something we have done for 23 years.  Call us for a free drainage assessment and to see if we can adapt your system.  Thank you for putting your confidence in Perimeter Drainage Ltd as your Pump Station provider.  We continually put effort into making a fail-safe installation so your most prized assets remain safe.