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Recycling Policies and Restrictions

Recycling Policies and Restrictions

Visit Here to go to the Recycling Council of BC’s Website.  A wealth of great information on where to recycle almost anything
Visit Here for a list of Alternate Disposal and Recycling locations in Metro Vancouver
Metro Vancouver Construction Waste Management Link Here

Perimeter Mini Bins – Unacceptable Materials

Explosives and ammunition, pesticides, radioactive materials, dead animals or animal parts, strong, offensive smelling loads, asbestos insulation, liquids and sludge, loads that are burning or smoldering, drums with non-removable tops, compressed gas cylinders, closed paint cans, large diameter stumps, wood longer than six feet, lead-acid batteries, any quantity of fill materials such as sand, gravel, asphalt, rock or concrete. Formed asbestos articles, loose asbestos insulation, vinyl asbestos flooring and asbestos pipe where fibers are trapped in the product. Dangerous Goods as defined by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. These are usually chemicals with hazardous properties that are identified with a “square-on-point” hazard symbol on their label. They may be solid, liquid or gas and the hazards include flammable, corrosive, reactive, oxidizing, poisonous, infectious and compressed gas properties. Bio-hazardous or bio-medical wastes as defined by the CCME guidelines. These are usually hospital, medical clinic and veterinary clinic sharps (needles, surgical instruments), anatomical (body parts) and laboratory wastes, body tissues and fluids including blood-soaked materials.

Perimeter Mini Bins – Restricted Materials

Fiberglass insulation must be double-bagged in plastic bags to contain any loose fibers. Gypsum must be hauled separately and should be not mixed with any other garbage. Additional charges are applied for a dirty load. Pesticide containers must have one end of the container removed and the inside triple rinsed and dry. Paint, resin and chemical containers must be cleaned or have the residues solidified.

Perimeter Mini Bins – Rock Bins

Rock bins shall not be overloaded. All bins carry maximum weight of 15 tonnes. Heights limits will be established by driver and onsite supervisor. Any bin overloaded will have excess dumped on site. Concrete bins shall be free of all steel. Any steel found in concrete results in dumping at landfill. This requires a surcharge of $95 per load. No organic or fill shall be mixed with concrete. Dirt bins shall not have organic material, trees, garbage, or branches mixed with dirt.  This requires a surcharge of $95 per load. Wet fill needs to be approved by Perimeter Mini Bins Ltd.  Wet fill requires an additional surcharge of $95 per load.

Additional Comments

Other materials may be refused if they are considered to be unacceptable at time of pickup. If refused, the customer shall call 604-988-4545 to discuss other options. Requests to dump questionable materials must be made in advance to Perimeter Mini Bins. In order to prevent misunderstandings between Perimeter Mini Bins and the customer, Perimeter Mini Bins must accept written permission for questionable disposal. If unacceptable wastes are delivered to a transfer station and only detected at the disposal site, additional costs for removal and disposal will be incurred. Proper waste screening will avoid extra costs and possible legal charges. Please contact Perimeter Mini Bins at 604-988-4545 if you do not know what the rules regarding waste disposal are. Perimeter Mini Bins Ltd is not responsible for damage to driveways, walkways, and curbs or other from our service vehicles or trucks because of poor sub-base. Laying of planks or plywood prior to dropping the bin is the responsibility of the contractor or owner.

Municipal Restrictions

Metro Vancouver has restrictions on what you can dump at their sites.

  • Drywall needs to be tested for asbestos before we can pick a drywall bin.  Drywall is recycled and has to be dumped at a recycling plant. This means that no other material can be in this bin. Drywall should be clean and have all steel corner bead and electrical boxes removed.
  • Green waste needs to be recycled and has to be dumped at a recycling plant. Green waste is defined as yard trimmings. Stumps shall be clean of all rock and dirt and should not be greater than 3 feet in diameter. No sod is allowed in these bins.

Please visit Metro Vancouver for rules and regulations.

Please contact us 604-990-4843 if you have any questions about acceptable materials.

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