I would like to think that myself and my main Service Foreman Craig are the two best drainage personnel in the business.  We have extensive experience in designing, maintaining and installing a wide variety of drainage, sewer and water systems. We have built our company based on referrals, not thru mass advertising.  This in itself proves that we run a top notch solution oriented service that allows our clients peace of mind when they hire us.

I am also proud to have the ability to invest in my community.  My staff have worked hard to have us involved in the following past and present community events:

  1. BC Ride to Conquer Cancer 2013-present
  2. North Shore Inline Hockey Perimeter Drainage Scholarship
  3. John Henry Jump Jam Days
  4. Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  5. Canucks Place

Back in 1998, we were one of the first companies to provide residential drainage video diagnostic inspections.  Along with video, we also introduced drain cleaning by water jet.  As our company evolved, we designed and built on of the first gas powered automatic switched generator used during power outages.  People who relied on pumps would flood on every power outage.  We then moved onto installing natural gas versions as the technology evolved.  Other designs include changing a duplex panel to a 3-float system from 4-float.  Typical design was off-on-override-high level alarm.  You would never know when one pump was not working and only find out when your high level alarm would go off.  At this point, both pumps would have failed and you would be close to flooding.  We modified the design to allow the high level alarm to go off before the over ride switch.  This would notify the owner that one pump was not operating and they could contact us to service the pump.  This stopped many floods from happening.  This changed the panel to now become a 3-float system where the over ride float and high level float were combined as one.

We have just launched remote monitoring for your residential pump stations.  This is another breakthrough in the industry that will allow better understanding of flows and pump design.  Live data that will properly connect the design with actual flows.

We are proud to install quality products that we stand behind.  This allows us to have one of the best warranties in the business.  Products like Zoeller, FE Myers and SJE Rhombus

I have found thru the internet that with over 3500 satisfied customers, positive online reviews are the key to success.  As we try our best to have total satisfaction in our work, we can not satisfy 100% of our customers.  I think we are at 99.91% and I am ok with that.  Please read our reviews that we have copied onto our site from Google and Home Stars, we also receive hand written reviews from our customers that we started to post on our site.  A positive online review is the ultimate gift from a client.  That means we have made that client happy to go out of their way to share their experience with my team.

As we constantly are changing the way the industry works, we hope we can give our clients the best knowledge available to give them peace of mind during our less than favourable weather conditions.  Please feel free to call me if you want to discuss any issues regarding  design, installation and maintenance on your home’s drainage, sewer and water systems.

Chris Gray


Owner – Perimeter Drainage Ltd


Engineering Technologist