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Backup Power.  Who needs it?  When the power goes off and you rely on pumps to keep your house from flooding, those would be the people who should probably have this.  With constant changing weather patterns, having an emergency backup power system in place is critical in keeping your home safe and dry.

Perimeter Drainage had been in business since 1998.  In the last 23 years, we have installed and maintained hundreds of pump stations and have been involved in inspecting hundreds more for home purchases.  With lots of homes relying on a mechanical system and power, you would be surprised how many people don’t have backup power for when the lights go off.  We have been installing emergency generators for 20 years as part of our service.  Pretty much all of these systems we have installed have been of natural gas or liquid propane gas.  This service has been an integral part of who we are in the drainage industry.  We have not found an alternative for emergency power that would meet the needs of our clients until recently.

With the emergence of off-grid living and the development of batteries, technology and the need for an alternate source other than gas, we can now use this technology and implement it into the drainage pump station industry.  I can’t say how excited I am to be able to offer this product to my clients.  This battery backup system, will keep your pumps going for a period of time – based on size of pump and duration of operation, at a more cost effective price.

If you are wanting to only worry about your pumps running and not the rest of your home, these systems will do the job for those power outages that are roughly 8 to 16 hrs or less.  Depending on whether you chose two or four batteries with a 3000W – 30A inverter and transfer switch, theses systems are a mini version of our fantastic natural gas or propane systems.

Call us if you want a price to install one of these in your home.  They are awesome.


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