I often wonder why more people do not have backup generators installed in their homes.  We have attended hundreds of floods over the course of our time in the drainage business.  We have successfully installed many backup generators on homes after the owners have flooded constantly.

I guess it takes time and mistakes in someones life before they adapt to change.  Trust me, nobody wants to spend money on drainage when they could be in Maui for a few weeks.

Backup power is a luxury.  Automatic backup power is even better.  When the power goes out, panic sets in.  My freezer!  I have all my fish in there!  How about hot water?  You may get one shower with 5 people living in the home.  Good luck who gets that shower.  The best is, your drainage!  Most new homes pump their drainage because the homes have been built so deep into the ground.  When the power goes out, you may have 5 minutes, you may have two hours.  Both still require a sense of panic.  Get the Honda generator out, make sure there is gas, get your temporary pumps out and set up.  How long until the power goes back on?  Its always a gamble.

Most of us procrastinate and thats when the damage gets done.  I have seen it many times.  Its not cheap to install an Automatic Generator, but at what cost are you willing to gamble?  Floods are devastating, and the resulting cleanup and damage are even worse.  If you have it done properly, hopefully all the potential mold will be dealt with.  If not done properly, because of either no insurance, or you have made three claims already, mold can cause lots of health issues.  In my opinion, if you require pumps to keep your house dry, a generator is an automatic, just like having a bathroom.

Next blog we will talk about Cummins Generators and how they make your home safer.