It takes money to make money.

That quote probably wasn’t coined by someone working in the drainage industry, because if it was then we’d probably have a lot more focus on municipal drainage systems and severe maintenance then we do right now. 

And because of that lack of focus, or the prioritization of other utilities, we see problems every day related with failing pumps, backed-up water lines and clogged gutters. 

The electrical sector has had it figured out for years. Programmable thermostats, automatic lights, LED bulbs and energy-saving, surge-protectant power strips to manage your home theatre system and all your kids’ gaming devices. 

Well, water-conscious products can save you money on your utility bill as well, and all it requires is an up-front investment. 

The Future of Water Use

Once thought to be a never-ending faucet of hydro-goodness, water is in short supply in parts of the world you’d think want for nothing. California is drying out, and while gigantic corporations mine our water and sell it back to us, intelligent technology is being invented to keep water in the Earth for as long as possible. 

“Imagine a connected showerhead that would not only keep you from being scalded, but prevent plumbing disasters and cut a good chunk out of your energy and water bills.”

That’s Barb Darrow over at For Darrow, the future of water use is dependant on maximizing every last drop. Picture that same showered, Darrow says, in use by hotel chains all over the world, indicating water usage and alerting staff when water is being wasted.

The future is bright, but we have to help usher it in. What can you do?

Water Harvesting Tanks

Look to the sky on any given day in January in the lower mainland and you’re going to get rain in your eyeballs. In the summer months, however? This past summer saw water restrictions put in place well into October.

So instead of putting extra pressure on your municipal water supply, start saving that high quality, natural H2O right now. 

Water harvesting tanks can be installed above ground or below ground and they come in a variety of sizes and prices. If you live in West Vancouver, then you’re paying for each gallon of water you use, it’s treated just like a utility. 

So instead of paying when the summer heat wave hits, collect water now and save your lawn and garden without spending another dime.

Automatic Sensors

For drainage technicians, the sound of a dripping sink in the middle of the night might as well be a horror movie. With each drip a drop of water is wasted, gone forever, into the city’s drainage system. 

Automatic sensors indicate when soil is saturated with water, they shut water off automatically when pipes break and they can even be added to washing machines and dishwashers to trigger an alarm when leaks are sprung. 

These sensors might never go off, which is a good thing. 

But if you do hear the alarm, you’ll sure be glad you had it installed, and so will your wallet. 

Save Money: Save Water

Water is our most valuable resource, but it’s not self-renewing. We need to take care of our water and spread out its usage throughout the year. Most environmental issues are only adopted if there’s a financial incentive for the user, so good news: saving water will save you money.

Sounds like a good deal to us.