The past few months here on the ol’ Perimeter blog have been quite interesting if I do say so myself. Not only did we launch the new Perimeter Split Waste Mini-bins a few months back, we’ve preached hard about the importance of construction waste management, green building practices, and, last but not least, Team Perimeter’s annual journey leading up to The Ride To Conquer Cancer

As Perimeter’s resident writer/social media officer, it’s been my pleasure to investigate the appropriate subject matter and share it with you, our loyal readers. That’s the whole point of a blog, right?

Right. However, something interesting happened in the past few months over on this side of the screen. While I was taking a good hard look at all these vital topics, it encouraged me to take a good look at myself, too. 

A Sustainable Life is a Prudent Life

A big part of the Perimeter blog from day one was helping our readers save money. Whether we were talking about do-it-yourself landscape and drainage solutions or saving time and effort on the job, Chris and I wanted to contribute to our audience in a meaningful way. 

So, while we were talking about recycling and sustainable building practices, it was pretty hard not to examine my own habits, which, I’m sorry to say, weren’t as rock solid as they could have been. But now that’ I’ve seen the financial benefits of limiting waste? You can bet I’m on board.

Helping the Planet & Easing Your Mind

So once I (selfishly) got past the financial aspects of living a sustainably life, it was a lot easier to see the true benefits. 

The benefits to the planet. 

It’s a lot easier to sleep at night knowing you’ve done your part to contribute to the health of our planet. We’re big believers in reducing our carbon footprint, but in a more practical, day to day sense, it’s just nice to know you’re a preferred passenger on good ol’ planet Earth. 

When your head hits the pillow each night, releasing stress and tension is simple when you know you’ve minimized your impact on the planet. 

So How Do We Do It?

Being conscious of your surroundings every single day takes conscious effort. Hence the Perimeter blog jogging this idea loose in my brain. We all want to do our part, but the best course of action isn’t always as obvious as disposing of a rogue cigarette butt polluting the sidewalk. 

Here’s a few tips you can bring home with you (in case you’re not already at home).

When it leaves your house, where does it go?

Asking this question of everyone under your roof will go a long way towards household education. Can you recycle that? Should that be in the compost bin? Tossing items in the garbage should be a last resort. 

Leave it as you found it. 

Unless you can do something tangible to improve something, keep the places you visit clean. Push in your chair. Deal with your refuse properly. Clean up after yourself.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

A few weeks back we talked about the subconscious effects of sustainable architecture, and how people within these types of buildings demonstrated sustainable behaviour without their knowledge. Be that type of example. Pushing the planet forward  requires less strength with extra hands helping out. 

These are all small steps you can take, today, to make a positive difference in your world. The Perimeter blog has evolved a lot over the last year, and we’re thrilled to talk about new and interesting ways we can enjoy our time on this little blue marble just a little more. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride.