The world is changing.

There are thousands of factors that result in the construction of new buildings. People flocking to a new climate need places to live, which is difficult if there aren’t enough people moving away from that climate. The workforce is also becoming increasingly remote, meaning people can live and work from anywhere. However, some people choose to live in the heart of a major city, such as Vancouver. 

In every instance – living, working, and playing – new construction is required. Houses, condos, office buildings, recreation facilities; the list is vast. 

That’s why it’s so important that when we build, we build properly. 

We build for the future.  

Building Green Buildings

“(to) Lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.”

That’s the mission statement of the Canada Green Building Council, an organization that provides courses for students and young people in order to encourage a society of sustainable building practices and environmentally friendly resource management. From green homes to commercial green buildings such as schools, offices, and hospitals, the CGBC aims to develop a certification system to promote construction that’s as healthy for the planet as it is for the individual working, living and learning within its walls. 

The council has even created a rating system recognized in 150 countries called Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

“Buildings generate up to 35 per cent of all greenhouse gases, 35 per cent of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities, and 70 per cent of municipal water is consumed in and around buildings. It’s clear that making buildings greener can have a significant impact on larger environmental goals.”

Again, that’s straight from the Canada Green Building Council

So Why Are You Telling Me This?

We often get stuck in our ways. 30 years ago, even 20 years ago, chucking all your waste in one bin wasn’t seen as the harmful offence it is today. This is a good thing, and it’s the reason we were encouraged to start the Perimeter mini-bin section of our business. As a workforce and a society, we’re slowly but surely catching on and disposing of our construction waste properly. 

So why stop there? If you’re a home owner, there are things you can do to enhance your LEED rating. People who don’t own the building in which they live or work can reap the benefits too – from clean, fresh air to natural sunlight and heat. And finally, home builders and developers can separate themselves from the competition by building functional new spaces that are as environmentally friendly as they are sustainable. 

The Future is Ours

It seems like we make a bold, world-changing proclamation on the ol’ Perimeter blog every other week. It’s not that we think we’re going to change the world …

Oh, wait, yes it is. We do think we’re going to change the world. We might be just a simple North Vancouver drainage and mini-bin company, but making a big impact requires a small start. It doesn’t matter if you’re just one person or you’re an entire company, real progress can start with you. There’s nothing more worth our time than the environment, because we’d like to live in that environment for a long time to come, right?