Today we’re wrapping up a thread we’ve been digging into for the past few months. From the early days of simple posts about stormwater management and landscaping we started chipping away at construction waste management. This led into a vein dealing with green building practices and sustainable, healthy choices at home and on the job site. 

And the ultimate healthy choice for us: The Ride to Conquer Cancer, a quest we’re undertaking for the fourth straight year. 

It’s a big job, wrapping it all up, but we’ve never shied away from a challenge before. 

So with that in mind, it’s time to ask the question: exactly what is it going to take to become the greenest city on Earth, North Vancouver?

Set Your Goals

From saddling up to contribute to the Ride to Conquer Cancer to organizing your household waste to ease the burden on your municipal management system, behind every conquest is a clearly defined goal. 

“…To become the greenest city in the world by 2020 might seem ambitious to some. For me, it’s the fact that the plans they have put in place are supported by everyone. It’s a plan created by a forward-thinking government.”

That’s author Beverley Golden in a piece for the Huffington Post British Columbia. So no, Perimeter Drainage isn’t the only outfit in town that believes this isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s well within our grasp. 

The Perimeter Blog started over a year ago with a humble mission, but from that inauspicious beginning came a voice – a voice that could be used to influence the best and brightest our city has to offer. And, truth be told, the not-so best and brightest. We’ve taken great pride in being a leader in the North Vancouver community. If we convince one family to recycle their plastic or install a water harvesting system to make your neighbours jealous, then it’s all been worth it. 

And yeah, we can help you get started.

We’ve Got the Resources

From gravity-dependant waste management systems to a moderate oceanic climate that encourages sustainable building choices, it’s clear that our little slice of paradise on the side of the North Shore Mountains is prime property to lead the green revolution. Poseidon knows we’ve spent enough on our homes already, why not save a few bucks and save the planet at the same time?

The point is that we’re perfectly set up to carve out an eco-friendly existence for ourselves and our children. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was North Van, but one day is all it takes to get started (if you haven’t already). 

Have you ever been to a library? Sure, they’re few and far between these days, but when you’re in a library, your natural tendency is to hush up and be quiet, right?

Well, living in North Vancouver should engender the same infectious behaviour. 

Seriously, look at where you live. How could you not recycle, manage your construction waste, your water usage, your carbon footprint, and by association all the same elements in your neighbours?

Be the Change You Wish To See in the World

That brings us back around full circle. The Ride To Conquer Cancer 2016 edition happens this weekend. We’ve all been hard at work training, but the work doesn’t stop on the bike.

We all have the power to put our best foot forward every day. Whether it’s attached to a pedal or carrying the recyclables to the curb or loading up a Split Waste Mini Bin, the power to make North Vancouver the greenest city on earth is well within our grasp. 

So let’s use it.